0 to 100 skin care routine (evening):


  To get skin from 0 to 100 is not as simple to achieve as you may think. For many, to get great skin requires a lot of time and effort. Yet, it is one thing to work hard at something and not be successful and another to know exactly what your skin needs and for the hard work to be effective!

  Now let’s just cut to the chase; this skin care routine that I share ⬇down ⬇below is wholly based on my experience, along with my own trial and errors in getting that 💯 skin. Therefore, bear in mind that this skin care routine is based on my skin type which is oily and acne prone (the most frustrating), so I can only speak for ma oily skin girls outchea 💁💁💁. However, feel free to pick and choose what you think will work best for your skin. Nevertheless, I do believe that if you want to reap the full benefits of my skin care routine in getting clear skin I suggest you follow the full routine and products list that I share down below… just experiment!


AIM: clean, healthy looking and acne/ hyperpigmentation free, along with a luminous glow 


Step 1: Remove that makeup gurl:

  This first step only relates to hard core makeup wearers like myself …that Monday to Sunday glam mask… heeey 💁💁💁. So, if you do not wear makeup skip to step 2 (wash face). For the makeup wearers’ out there; the first step is to remove your makeup as best as you can. Get all the gunk of the day off of your face nice and gently.

  My favourite way to remove my makeup is most definitely the cheap and cheerful micellar water by Simple, £3.19 Superdrug or the Simple micellar wipes £2.05.  Another great alternative that I love is Camomile makeup remover from The Body Shop which can be found in solid and oil form £10.00/£12.00.


How to:

  Just get a cotton round saturate it with the water and off you go. In addition to this, I also love the Simple micellar water face wipes, £2.05 Superdrug.

  With these products just apply a generous amount to your dry face, massage it in and wash off with warm water or a warm, wet muslin… nice 👍👍👍.


Step 2: Wash yo face:

  Next, I recommend you wash your face however, I do not recommend to do this with a product that strips the goodness that your skin needs, hence why I suggest you use a gentle face wash; the ones that I use include The Body Shop £7.50 foam wash from the Aloe Vera range, another face wash/ cleanser that I recommend is from Caudalie £15, a little pricier but so worth it; the instant foam cleansing wash cleans but does not strip. Also feel free, if you deem it necessary as I do, to use a rotating facial cleansing brush to target deep under the skin to give you’re the best cleanse. Always remember that when you dry your face PAT YOUR SKIN, do not swipe with a towel 🤓🤓🤓.

How to:

  Apply the foam to wet skin 💦💦💦and massage for 15 seconds before rinsing, yet if you choose to use a facial cleansing brush for deeper cleansing, just apply the facial wash to your wet skin before going in with the brush for 10 seconds each (cheeks and forehead) followed by rinsing off.


Step 3: Double duo… cleanse again:

  So, the reason as to why I like to cleanse again is because I want to make sure that my skin is completely makeup free and supple. I do not want to feel one ounce of makeup on my skin. My favourite way to do a step two cleanse is to cream cleanse and the one and only product I use is from the in The Body Shop, I absolutely love the cream cleanser from yet again the Aloe Vera range £7.50.

How to:

  Simply, apply a 10-piece size to your fingertips, massage on your skin, let it sit for a hot minute and then wipe off with your favourite cotton pads. I love the cotton rounds from Superdrug, £1.79.


Step 4: Tone… work yo skin honey:

  And no of course I do not mean workout 💪lol. You should tone your skin to balance the ph levels in your skin, help close the pores and ultimately calm your skin down. The best toners that I use currently use are the La Poche Posay-Effaclar toner £9.00 or The body Shop toner form the Aloe Vera range £15:00 (are we sensing a the theme yet?).

How to:

  Simply just apply to a cotton round and swipe all over the face.


Step 5: Essence water… expensive in a bottle lol:

  Something that has arguably become a worldwide 🌏🌍🌎phenomenon which is essence water, a Korean skin care product that was created to enable your skin to accept the next product you apply to skin in to all layer of the skin. When I first bought this product, I was sceptical but interested at the same time, however I can now safely say that it is a product that I will NEVER do my routine without it. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT. My favourite brand of essence water is by Caudile £30. Another popular essence water is by SKII, a bit pricey but I have heard that it is oh so worth it which I plan to try some day


How to:

  When applying this magic water, I just add 2 to 4 drops to the palms of my hands and dab all over the face followed by your favourite serum. I love retinoid.



Step 6: The serum/ retinoid: you are never too young to start:

  Ever since I can remember, I always associated facial serums with the older women👵 and the act of ‘fighting wrinkles’, yet I could not be more wrong; facial serums are a great way to keep your skin looking, feeling and being young and it is good to start young. My favourite hands down are some form of retinoid; which is a subject topic the deserves to be addressed in full depth another time. However more, one of my many favourites is most definitely by The Ordinary £5.00 approx.

How to:

  So, to reap the ultimate benefits of the serum I suggest you apply 2 to 4 drops of your chosen serum on to your palms and then directly to the skin quickly after the essence water.


Step 7: Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise:

  I cannot stress to you, yes you the reader, sitting behind your device, how important it is to moisturise your skin. The best way to avoid any unwanted nasties. Regardless for you skin type giving the skin the moisture it needs it vital to any skin care regime… do not EVER skip it out. Even for the oily skinned girls the is immensely imperative. Think about this… your skin is naturally produces oil; it’s your bodies way to ensure your skin is hydrated and protected; if you then wash your face and not replace those vital oils, your skin is going to suffer and over produce on the oils it needs therefore making your skin waaaay more oiler than it needs to be and cause breakouts.

How to:

  My favourite moisturiser is by Korres £15, the rose hip cream £15 or the Origins ginseng and coffee gel cream £25. I also love oils such as; Keilhs £36 midnight recovery oil. Just remember that nothing passes through oil so oils should be a very last step.     


Step 7: Eye cream: 👀

  Although not 100 per cent necessary; this is my favourite step to my regime because I always see a major difference. The purpose of using an eye cream can be similarly seen as the ‘concealer’ for skin care. It’s that extra layer of care that for most our skin needs. I find that after consecutive use, my under eyes benefits very much from the extra product. My favourite 2 under eye products are the Kiehls £26 and the La Roche-Posay £15 under eye cream.

How to:

  The way I like to use this product is to apply to my ring fingers and dab on to the orbital bone which is situated just above the highest part of the cheek bone and this is because the heat of the under eye draws in the goodness of the under-eye cream.


The last and final step: Facial spray (optional):

Another step I love to do is to spray my face with rose wate🌹🌹🌹🌹. Rose water is amazing for all skin types. It is a natural anti-flammatory that is very beneficial for acne prone skin. It’s a great cleanser, works well for eczema and keeping skin extremely and highly hydrated. My favourite rose water spray is from Mario Badesco £11.

  P.s. Although I recommend this routine, I also recommend great sleep, to drink lots of water and regular exercise along with healthy food!


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