5 Rituals to be and stay positive


Staying positive... Yeah yeah I get it we all have ‘those days’ which therefore causes us to have the worse days ever. However, something that not everyone realises is that regardless of certain situations we have the control to get the outcomes we want in life; for example, simply allowing your mind to think positive thoughts while denying the negative thoughts is the most vital step towards living positively, happily but most importantly successfully. Simply using I can is so much more powerful than you realise. You’re probably thinking hold your horses! It not magical… but the truth is, positivity is vital to living successfully, the constant reminder of thinking positively supports the journey to being successful because positive thoughts attract other like thoughts which therefore triggers other positive attribute such as; ambition and confidence. If you have a dream you need to stick to your belief that you will achieve and attain that goal… and you will! 


…Before we get to the nitty gritty… these 5 rituals are the be all and end all, they are just my top 5, top 5, top 5, top 5, top 5 (lol) pointers in life that I like to stick to when it comes to staying positive, being happy and achieving the things that I wish to achieve…   


Number 1: Count your blessings (white gurl) (if you know the movie reference you know!):


It sounds cliché but so so true; understanding and realising the amazing blessings you already have in your life automatically puts your mind in to what I like to call ‘a positive train of thought’ which therefore triggers your mind and body to act in a positively physical state for example have you ever experienced

not wanting to move or get up to do progressive things all because you could not help but think negatively; anything that holds great value to you and makes you happy helps you to focus on the positives of everything due the like for like thoughts which is referenced from  ‘the secret’- a must read!  


Number 2: Affirmations:

You need to affirm to yourself and no one else that you are amazing! Even Drake makes it clear; ‘Wanted to tell you, ‘accept yourself’/ you don’t have the prove shit no one except yourself’. Remember this this piece of wisdom because Drake said it haha. Here is a bit of background story for you… Self-affirmations were initially commercialised by the French psychologist Emile Coué in the 1920s and are still a staple today. Self-help gurus and psychologists and personal coaches still promote them today. Now I know exactly what you are thinking… they are just words how is this going to help?! Well it is simple committing to positive words of progression is a great way to focus on what is good in your life. Now being and staying positively affirmative can be hard I get it… I find it hard too, but like with everything just stick to it! Affirmations are a great way to positive because they are a great reminder of how amazing you are! Also remember an affirmation does not have to always be a personal thing; every morning I want you to wake up and tell yourself that you are going to have an amazing day. For affirmations are highly linked to ‘the secret’ staying within a positive mind set with positive thought will attract other like thoughts therefore allowing your mind, body and soul to emit progression and positivity. Lastly this ritual is very well linked to ritual number 1, focusing on your blessings leaves hope to produce new ones.  


Number 3: Meditate:

Now we turn to meditation. A humble activity which is very much overlooked and underestimated by many. However, meditation has proven to reduce the effects of mental issues; the most common being anxiety and the reduction of panic attacks. The process of mediation includes the act of simply focusing on your breathing, thinking positive thoughts and forgetting all the sh*t that you got going however it is a lifestyle not something you turn to when you need it, it should be performed consistently.  The misconception of meditation is that it must last for at least an hour yet this myth cannot be more wrong; meditation can last as long as you wish. For myself being a busy, working young adult 5 to 10 minutes before bedtime works the best for me, therefore making meditation very accessible plus it gives you an excuse to do sh*t all for the best part of 5 minutes. Along the lines of accessibility meditation works for everyone! I want you to just try it for 2 minutes. Put on a 2minute meditation video from YouTube and close your eyes for a whole 2 minutes and you will feel the benefits of it; I know it seems like as big ask from someone you hardly know yet given that this is my first blog post but I am talking from experience. To this day I suffer from anxiety but when I stay on track with meditating daily I see a reduction and personal progression.             


Number 4: Exercise:

I know that you know there are multiple benefits to exercise and that losing weight and keeping fit are not just it; there are countless reason why you should work out every day for a solid 10 minutes at least. That quick burst of energy not only gets your body moving but it also ignites motivation in the mind, instantly. Not do I see it but also loved around me see that I am so much easier to be around when I have worked out… it’s true I am less of b*th once I have completed a work out and released my baggage and turned that shit in to sweat. Anyways I digress, the amazing feeling your body and mind feels after shaking the weight is undeniable; you feel light, clear headed and ready to accomplish the next port of call. So, as demonstrated there are so many links between feeling positive and exercising. So, therefore concludes that like all of the rituals exercise are a great way to sift through thoughts influencing the positive train if thought and  make consequently makes you feel better. 


Number 5: Go ghost:


Removing yourself fully from social media, or as I like to call ‘going ghost’ for a certain period of time is very good for the mine. Although the world has seen and reaped countless benefits from social such as; how to put on makeup, inspirations and making friends, as with all great things it also has many flaws, one being the unnecessary focus of the thing that we may not possess. For some this focus enables people to work harder to achieve the thing they do not have however for the most part numerous amounts if people are actually affected pretty badly when it comes to focusing on the things we do not possess and believe find myself doing it all the time however what we do not realise when in that moment is that these focuses can actually be very detrimental to our own well-being and thought process. For example, when we think about the things we don’t not have we generally fall in to a thought process of negativity therefore making us not feel so good. My solution to avoiding this feeling and staying positive is to either cut down on socials or cut them out or even just simply exit out of the social you are gawking like a hawk and go back to my third ritual which is to mediate or even go waaaaaaaay up 😂😂😂 to my first ritual which is to get yourself a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the things you are grateful for and what you are blessed with to put your thought back on the positive track heading towards success station.  


Always Always Always count those blessings! And yes relative family does count no matter how annoying they can be 👴👱👱

Always Always Always remind yourself that you are you and YOU are amaze ballz!… and yes sometimes we do have to toot our own horn 🎺

Always Always Always meditate! Try and be hippy and keep the peace✌

Always Always Always exercise! Its so so good for you…not only does it release endorphins and for dolphins but you stay psychically and mentally healthy🐬

Lastly, Always Always Always remember to go ghost! Being off the grid even for a little never hurt anyone… stop experiencing FOMO! And chill the F out!   👻


Now, as a mentioned previously, these are just a few useful tips on how to be and stay positive… by all means this is not a magic, you have to work on this day in and day out… no matter how hard if you want to stay positive stick to this and you will find a way to reach success and positivity.     

Please share your rituals...

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