Brown contoured eye with colourful lower lash

From a cut crease to a power and bold smoked out wing there are so many creative and complex designs out there. It can be overwhelming and hard to achieve especially when all you want is something that looks complex and intricate but really take no time at all.


In today’s post, I am going to show you how to achieve this look with this simple to do yet not so simple looking eye look.


I literally used 2 shadows in the crease and 3 on the lower lash line! So, to get this look just follow these 5 simple steps…


Step 1: throw it in the crease:


So, for the first step after you have prepped and primed which is completely down to preference; grab a light brown taupe-y shade on a nice fluffy brush and like I said throw it in the crease. For my-self personally I have slightly hooded eyes so I always go a little higher than the crease to make my eyes seem a bit bigger than they really are.


Step 2: deepen that contour!:


After completely blended I want to contour the lid slightly and add some dimension to the eye just to give a more 3d effect to the look as well as make the eye pop. Next, I am going in with a much darker brown shade on a smaller fluffy brush and hitting the lid under the original shade that I put down and also making sure not to go high with the shade to avoid looking like I am attempting to win a Halloween contest with 2 black eyes. So, just keep adding the darker shade and blending it out with the original brush.


Step 3: add some colour:


Next, we are going to hit the lower lash line with some colour, which is where we add the illusion of complexity. So, we are going to go in with an icy blue on a pencil brush in the inner corners, followed by a tiffany green in the middle portion of the eye and lastly adding a bright blue to the out portion. Pretty simple yet effective.

Step 4: draw the line:


Although this is a simple look let’s not draw the line there, let’s add a wing liner to further add dimension. Start on the outer corner and draw your preferred wing and then from the outer in draw the line all the way in right down to the inner corner. And then fill in. Not so hard, right?! The hard bit is matching it to the other eye… good luck!! Also add black kohl liner to add drama


Step 5:  


Now the last yet most vital step to any look is mascara! Add as many layers needed or wanted and feel free to add a lash for even more drama, however I suggest a fluffy but light lash to help not take away from the beautiful look.    

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