The importance of sleep!



The blissfulness that we call sleep can sometimes feel like a distant, never reaching dream or like me, we night owls just don’t like sleep, regardless this is not good for our bodies. However, I am going to make you want to sleep once you read the major benefits of recharging those batteries. I want to share with you, 5 reasons/ benefits that you need to know when it comes to that 8-hour charging station called bed!

  There are many great reasons as to why sleep is so important and I want to share them with you.

REM sleep:

Have you ever heard of REM sleep? also known as rapid eye movement; REM sleep is a vital cycle that our body’s needs; REM sleep occurs 90 minutes after you fall asleep. The duration of the first cycle typically lasts 10 minutes. As your sleep progresses, each REM sleep cycle gets longer and the last cycle may last up to 1 hour, moreover the overall purpose of REM sleep is to improve your physical health. During the cycle, the blood flow decreases to the brain redirects itself towards the muscles giving the body what it needs in order to rest and recover properly. Now, I know for sure that I have you sucked in! the purpose of sleep helps the whole body recover which therefore improves memory, better functioning of the body and your mood!

Better Person:

  Irritable? Short-tempered? and vulnerable to stress? Or ever heard the phrase ‘someone got out the wrong side of the bed’? this casualty is always caused by a lack of sleep. You know yourself when you get a full 8 hour you are the best person to be around, however when you have less; not so much. Sleep deprivation affects a number of cognitive stimuli and there are many studies that show a lack of sleep directly affects our mood during the day. Additionally, bad sleep causes a bad mood and a bad mood causes a bad day; like attracts like; if you are feeling bad 9 times out 10... your day may not turn out as great. Now let’s get technical; researchers at the university of Pennsylvania found that those who are limited to only 4.5 hours of sleep a night for just one week reported the feeling of more stress, anger, sadness and felt mentally exhausted. Whereas when they went back you their normal 8 hours of sleep these stimuli improved massively. Therefore, to be a better person, sleep is vital.  

Better Skin:

  Another reason to rush to your bed at night is the correlation between better skin and sleep; the longer and better the cycle the better the skin is. It may sound obvious and you may already know… but I am going to tell you anyway; It has been found that with the appropriate amount of sleep the body is able to rest well and have time to re-cooperate properly. When the body receives appropriate sleep the skin is less inflamed, your collagen improved and more hydrated; therefore, the skin will appear hydrated, glowy and translucent. The inflammation also coincides with those who suffer from psoriasis which would also become inflamed. Also, the lack of sleep results in poor water balance which therefore leads to puffy bags and dark under eye circles, wrinkles and dryness. So, you want improved youthful skin? Get some sleep!

Losing Weight:

  Pen-ultimately, sleep aids in the benefit to not only to sustain weight but to also lose weight! Yes, that is right, many doctors have found that getting the right amount of sleep aids in subsiding the desire to snack on high calorie foods such as; chocolate because the body is less hungry and well rested. The next reason is TMI but good sleep promotes healthy bowel movements and getting rid of waste is always good. So, sleep deprivation causes the body to eat more. The two main reasons as to why the body gains weight with less sleep is because the body is lethargic and motivation is low, therefore constant food consumption is used to get your body through that day. Lastly, this next one is hormone related; the hormones ghrelin is pushed right down and leptin shoots right up therefore controlling our craving for high calorific carbs which the body does not need, therefore weight gain. 

Better memory:

  The ultimate reason as to why you need to catch those zeds is because it will aid in better memory. It has been proven many times that the correlation between sleep and memory is strongly connected. The argument concerning sleep and memory was detected as early as the 19th century. There are 2 main reasons that solidify the relationship between sleep and memory. Firstly, the reason being that if you are sleep deprived your body in general will not function to its optimal capacity therefore; you cannot learn efficiently. Secondly, sleep has its own role in consolidation of memory which is essential for learning and remembering what you learnt. In fact, it has been proven that a lack of sleep may actually cause memory loss and forgetfulness. It has been proven that deep sleep is where it is at… when we were younger our deep sleep was the enabler which helped sustain and store memory well. So, get those zeds not just for your sanity but also to become the best version you!


💤You will not feel tired;

💤Your body will function better;

💤You will have better well rested skin;

💤 Your brain function will be incredible

💤 Your memory will improve massively; and

💤Maintains weight


SKL xx

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