Festive Feels Through Cuffing Season




It’s that time for year again; pumpkin spice lattes, festive joy and of course love… yes, my singletons it is officially cuffing season. But never fear I am too lol… but really me not being cuffed is lucky for you because I have some ways to help you feel great without someone to cosy up with.


Here are 5 ways to enjoy cuffing season without the cuff:


Pamper yourself


You know the feeling you get when you are cuffed up. You feel good, warm inside and special. Well you can get this same feeling without the hassle of cuffing anyone lol.

Take the day off for a pamper day, maybe with one of your girls or even better alone. The things I would recommend doing includes;

Firstly, start your day off right and take to the gym or go for a run; get warmed up and release some hormones. Then go for a shopping spree with some girls or alone and then to finish off the day, this is my favourite bit get yourself some candles to set off the mood, run a hot bubble bath, set something up on the IPad or read a book. Then when you are out the bath, go for your fave face mask. Maybe paint your nails.  


Hot chocolate and cream


Now, this is one you can have on a pamper day too but it is so important it needs its own paragraph lol. Moreover, hot chocolate is not only good for the soul but it actually aids in getting rid of the nasty -  a cold. Also, the cocoa properties will help in making you feel good and give you a boost of endorphins. Nor to make this extra special you must must add a hazelnut syrup shot and top it with some cream.


Try something new


This one is an odd one but, I believe you must try something new. It’s so appropriate, the new year is coming but you do not need to wait for the new year to try something new, do it now! Try something you would not normally do or do something like me; I have just joined the gym, new to me and although I am not shy to a good workout I can now get more serious about working out and my fitness.  


Treat yourself





So, with it being the gift of giving why should you not gift yourself something? Whether it’s a new coat from Primark of a new £2000 Chanel bag; do something for yourself. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have most definitely fulfilled this one and I have bought myself the new Chanel mademoiselle intense perfume, expensive but I had to do it and you know what I have no regrets. Now, by all means I am not saying go out and splash cash but do something for yourself… take it from me, you deserve it xx


Dress up







Last but not least, most definitely important, is to dress up. Perk up and make yourself feel good. Studies show that simple putting yourself together every day is great for confidence, progression and morale. Now, I’m not saying you need to tart yourself up but just make an effort and do it for yourself no one else.  


I hope you peeps enjoyed these tips and I do hope you do try them out and if you do please comment below and tell me what worked for you and in the same breath if I have missed anything out please share.


Also, please do not forget to share on your socials, I would much appreciate the support.     




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