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Hey peeps! It finally here… my review and full experience of the Halo Beauty supplement, carefully crafted by YouTube, makeup Guru Tati Westbrook.


First off let’s look in to Tati’s vision behind the supplements and what she intends to achieve by taking these daily pills as about to a multi vitamin.


So,  the website it says that they are vegan, cruelty free, sugar free, soy free, gluten free, have no parabens or preservatives. This is great; it’s nice to see she has kept them as natural as humanly possible all while accommodating everyone including vegans.


Packaging and aesthetics:


So, the bottle itself is clearly very pretty with its frosted bottle and pink capsules; this bottle looks very pretty on my vanity next to my makeup which is what Tati definitely wanted to achieve, being the glam girl that she is and she most certainly did that.


Expected outcome:


  • Powerful antioxidants: protects collagen and elastin

  • Stimulate hair growth: promotes stronger, healthier more luxurious hair

  • Natural moisture barrier: firm, hydrate, rejuvenate and moisturise the skin while reducing fine lines

  • Anti-grey: protects aging follicles and prevent premature aging of grey hair.



Well this is a lot for a little pink tablet to take on. Lol


Why I bought them:


Now my initial reason for wanting to try these supplements was because I thought it may help with my scalp psoriasis… and without prolonging the outcome… they didn’t lol but that does not mean to say that it’s a bad product, it’s not as if it actually is designed for that, it’s not.




So, with hair the main thing that this tablet does is promote growth and strength. I honestly did not feel much difference in regards to strength in my hair however I did some growth in my hair which is a miracle... lol.



With the skin, the tablets are supposed to hydrate, firm reduce lines. Well if I’m honest I did not see what I was hoping for. I should say I did not notice much difference, however with that being said I thought the supplements would help my acne breakout but I did not see that.




Now the nails, a completely different story. Supposed to see nail growth, strength and no peeling; that is exactly what I saw. So, for the longest time now I have been suffering with short, broken, brittle nails due to acrylic application, however after taking these I saw a dramatic difference in my nails. I mean they grew like weeds and not just any weeds, real strong ones. They were long, strong and no peeling in sight also, I noticed that my cuticles were nice and hydrated.




I would say that these are good supplements and I would go as far to say that they perform a lot better than normal multivitamins. Although I did not see everything that is expected, I saw enough change to know that my body did benefit from them. So, what you really want to know is if I would recommend them and I would recommend them although I did not see much improvement in the skin, I did see a major improvement in my nails which proves that the product does work. It was honestly hard to review this product because it is an internal thing and everything works for everyone very differently especially internal products like supplements. But the fact that my nails grew shows that they do work and they are worth a trial. Lastly, I do have another month’s worth and I will update on all my socials, twitter, snap chat and insta, so be sure to follow your girl for the update.




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