Satveer's Specials- November Edition 

From tiredness to breakouts, I have had a crazy month and the only things that has pulled me through are my makeup and skincare products thank you god🙏  


Indian Clay Healing Mask:

OMG! You guys my skin has been going crazy lately. Over the past month I came out with this random crazy breakout all over my cheeks and jaw line area... so horrific. They were red, under the skin bumps and they were so sore; you get the picture lol. So, I tried everything until I realised something, 'The miracle clay'; I was sleeping on the Indian healing clay mask! So, for a whole week I put the Indian clay and apple cider vinegar concoction on my face every day for a week. You guys the results were amazing! As much as my skin is still not crazy clear, there is still a drastic change.

My skin is not sore, the redness has gone down along with the inflammation, the breakouts have cleared, my hyperpigmentation has cleared and my overall complexion is so much better.  


​Khiels Midnight Recovery eye cream

My next holy grail item has been the Khiels Midnight Recovery eye cream. For the past month, I have been through it! Life has been crazy and sleep has been pretty much non-existent so I have collated a few bags and unfortunately, I am not talking Chanel. However, this eye cream which is a celebrity fave, (also loved by Kylie Jenner) helps keep the bad bags at bay, reducing the sight of tiredness and looking drained.


Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

Now this next one is a recent find however a great one. A dupe for the Liz Earle hot cloth cleansing duo this Superdrug duo is amazing. Not only does it cleanse the skin but also removes every bit of makeup while not feeling dry or stripped of any oils. It leaves your skin feeling clean, hydrated and supple feeling. If you want to see a ‘battle of the cleansers’ leave me a comment down below and I will review them and help you save some money honey.     

Halo Beauty Supplements 👼

For the past year I have suffered with short, flaky and brittle nails from the over use of fake nails. Believe you and me I tried many things and nothing worked for me. So, I bit the bullet and tried YouTube’s Tati Westbrooks Halo Beauty Hair, skin and nails supplements (full review coming soon). I have a found great results; my nails now grow like weeds, so long and strong 💅.










Mixed Foundation

As you may already know I love mixing my foundations and as you may have already read I mixed all my foundations together. Recently I have started using the mixture again and I can safely say, I absolutely love love love it. I looks great, it lasts long and I get so many compliments lol. The coverage is great the colour is spot one and I love the finish.  

Nuxe Lip Balm 💋


Be prepared peeps because once you get to know this product, you will be wanting kiss every frog you see. The best lip balm hands down 🙌. More like a lip mask consistency this lips balm is best used at night. If you have dry, peeling sore lips from the harsh winter weather then give this a try and you can thank me later.  

Water 💦

Oh H2o! sometimes I love you sometimes you feel like a chore but it does not change the fact that you are amazing. Because of my skin issues recently I have made sure that I drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day and it has changed everything. Not only is my skin looking good but I also have more energy and overall feeling great. Don’t stop drinking water guys.





Huda Concealer

Oh Huda! You have done it again! Firs the foundation, which is A1 and then the new concealer. I absolutely love it (review coming soon). Paired with my Keihls eye cream this concealer is amazing. Conceals every dark circle and brightens under the eye making me look fresh and awake.












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