How to stay organised




So, I get you we all live very busy lives and sometimes staying organised can be so so hard but do not fear because I am here to help you with those struggles. So, let’s get off of the struggle bus and upgrade to a smooth ride. With these easy, simple and some may say obvious tips you will be able to live a more organised less stressed life!


Get a diary:


Okay, so I know what you are thinking 1 of 2 different scenario; 1 being this is so obvious duh? Or 2 that is so old school but you know what I am going to go ahead and say sometimes old school the best way… like Lil Wayne said “if the rules ain’t bent don’t bend em” (if you know the song you know, comment down below). But yeah get a diary because it can be your best friend if you let it and write down all the things you need to do.




So, along with the diary, you need to prioritise your jobs. This helps to calm your schedule and reduce your stress. Pick the top 3 tasks that must be done, then put down what needs to be done and then lastly, what you want to get done. This ties in to doing the things you do not want to do such as gym. So, prioritise, prioritise, prioritise.


Get a good night sleep:


Now, this is one I still myself struggle with a lot, it’s so damn hard! For me anyway. But, when I do get 7 to 8 hours in it feels so great. I have so much more energy to get the things done and get through the day without procrastination, laziness and undone tasks. Take from me peeps because I am a true night owl.


 Mobile apps:  


This one kind of contradicts what I said in number 1 but at the same time not; utilise your mobile. Okay so along with your diary you need a reminder app to keep you on track. What you need to do is type your agenda as tasks with 1 tick boxes because it is satisfying to tick off and 2 you can give them times so your phone will buzz away when that task is due… go on do it now.


Militant mind: 


Lastly, remember number. Now I know this sounds selfish, that because it is but do not manoeuvre your schedule for anyone unless it is an emergency. You need to have a bit of a militant mind set to keep yourself in check.  



If you made it to the end thank you so much for reading and please comment your ways to stay organised because I would love to read them.




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