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Faux Filter Foundation, Over achiever Concealer and Easy Bake Loose Powder








Now, this amazing woman who I aspire to needs no introduction but for those who do not know her (where have you been living? Under a rock?). She is amazing! Started on YouTube as a makeup guru and now has a cosmetics empire which started from lashes and you can create a full beat face from her brand alone! Kudos Huda 👏      


In this review, I am going to talk about 3 face products; The Faux Filter Foundation, The Over Achiever Concealer and The Easy Bake Loose Powder. However, if you want to see me review and know my thoughts about any other Huda Beauty products just comment below at the end of this post and I will review at your request. 💙


Faux Filter Foundation:


So, the foundation comes in 40 shades, which is amazing. It claims to

  • Give full coverage with just one pump

  • Matte and long lasting

  • Leave a filtered look and finish (hence the name)

  • Feel light weight on the skin whilst being full coverage

  • Transfer proof


Bold claims right… I mean for many of us it sounds like the dream foundation.


My experience:


I have the shade ‘tre leeches’ not a spot-on match but I make it work and let’s face it no one foundation on its own ever really matches us, perfectly right? However more it is a good match and I can work with it. Plus she has created a great shade range. 🙌




So, I used a brush to apply the foundation because that is what Huda advises and I do love a good foundation brush. Being an oily gurl, the finish and wear is great for me and I love it yet if you are dry, try adding a couple of drops of your fave face oil. Also for my dry gurls use a damp makeup sponge of your choice.




Love the coverage- full coverage, I mean go hard or go home; am I right?! Me, I love a full beat face, full coverage foundation as much as the next makeup enthusiast and this foundation delivers! I mean the pigment is so so good. This foundation almost reminds me of the urban decay all-nighter foundation but not as drying – love you still urban.




The finish like I said I love gurl. It’s a matte but not to the point where is shows up the amount of time you have lived on earth, if you get what I mean… lol. Matte to the point it sets itself but leaves a satin like finish on top where you still have life in the face… love love love it.




Now, I have worn this foundation on very long days and I would say apart from around my mouth, this foundation is great for longevity which is great since it can be hard for foundation to stay on for long on oily faces.


Flashback or nah?


There is no SPF in the foundation so we should expect it not to flashback and I experienced just that. No flashback just great pictures that will look great in a flashback Friday- you see what I did there?! 😉😜




Back to the finish; when I say workable, I mean does it work with other products such as blush, highlight and contour. It is safe to say that it does. With powder foundation or not- I have done both (that’s what she said lol) powder and cream work very well on top. With powder, I do not need to set the face first I can go straight in without any cake up; but I do love cake. And liquids and creams also go on top well. 👍





Over Achiever Concealer:


Again, great shade range. And the claims are:


  • Hides darks circles, spots and hyperpigmentation- redness

  • Most pigment packed concealer ever

  • Blurring effect

  • Luminous matte

  • Transfer proof


My experience:


I have the shade ‘pound cake’. Again this shade was picked through the chart provided yet, I think that I should have gone with the yellow powder or gone lighter. And because if the finish I will be picking it up!




When it comes to application I find that this concealer is pretty matte on me however, I oddly love using a brush apply it because you really reap the benefits of the blurring technology as it sweeps over the pores.




“Most pigmented concealer ever” Huda was not wrong with this statement; her concealer is pigmented AF. It covers my bags, glides over my wrinkles and is surprisingly not too drying for under my eyes. Overall the coverage is crazy but not to the point where it’s too much. I used her colour chart to guide me as to what shade I need and I would say that again not too great but it is hard to pick of shades online moreover I feel that I could have went lighter.




The finish is true to its description. Not too drying and is a satin finish. Matte enough to stay put but satin enough to look youthful, bright and hydrated. Overall a great concealer and I love and approve of it!




Now, just like the foundation, the longevity is great! It stays all day. The longest that I have worn it for was for about 10 hours and it wore very well. However, my one concern about this concealer is that it may be a little too drying for myself… and I am an oily gurl so, I can only imagine what it may be like for a dry girl; just be sure to hydrate the under eye when using the concealer to experience the best results.   


Flashback or nah?


As you can see from the picture there is not flashback which is great! And would be expected as it does nothave any SPF in it. Just so you know, I set my concealer with the baking powder as they are made to be together (Ooo! Trey Songz reference).




I have tried this concealer more than once and I have tried it with other powders to set it. Because I find that the powder does not give me the brightness that I so desire so, I like to use a yellow pressed powder under the eye occasionally and I have used a couple and they both work very well. Both the ABH powder and revolution powders both work nicely and smoothly.





Easy Bake Loose Powder:


It comes in many shades again which is great and inclusive. It claims to:

  • Blend in to skin, feeling and looking soft and silky

  • Velvet matte finish with a sheen

  • Blurs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Extremely smooth and light on the face



My experience:


I have the shade ‘sugar biscuit’ 🍪 as according to her helpful chart it is supposed to brighten the under eye in correlation with my foundation match. However, I believe it could have been lighter as I don’t really achieve the bright white under eye with it.




First off, I love the metal tip, A1 for those puffy, tired eyes. As oppose to Huda’s suggestion, I like to apply this powder with a dry makeup sponge wedge from Primark. I love this method and with baking I am not left too dry but just a little however with a bit of setting spray and I am good to go.




Finish is true to its claims and I do love it yet one thing I have found is that it can sit in my wrinkles a little and does not always glide over. But I think every concealer to some extent, this one just creases less.




The texture again does live up to its claims and it does feel amazingly smooth, pearly and soft.



Transfer proof:


As far as transfer proof is concerned… sorry Huda I have not experienced this. But regardless I love this concealer. 


In conclusion:


I know I know this is really what you have been waiting for… do I recommend it? Is it worth the quite heavy price tag? Is it just hype? Is the scent really that bad? I get it.  




Prices are not too bad; you get a good amount for the price. The foundation, 35ml (5ml more than your standard) for £32- not bad. The powder, 20g for £28; yes, definitely a little pricier but it is a great powder. And the concealer, 10g for £23 again like the foundation a great price point. So, where price is concerned I am a fan.


Worth the hype?


Should you believe the hype? Yes, you should. I am loving Huda’s base products. And the hype is real.




You know what the scent is not as crazy as the beauty community is saying- in my opinion. I think that it is pretty subtle and I have not experienced and skin irritation from it and I have very sensitive skin.    


So, this is my review of the Huda Beauty base products. Please be sure to leave me a comment down below telling what you think of the Huda Beauty range if you have tried it or leave other products that you want me to review whether it’s from Huda or any other makeup; maybe its not makeup related… leave your comments below!                                                                                                    


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