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Hey peeps! Welcome back to my blog. In this post, I am going to talk about Nanshy cosmetics makeup brushes and why you need to invest your mula in them and why they should be in your makeup brush collection.


I discovered Nanshy brushes through Instagram; they are a UK based cosmetics brand and they are vegan, cruelty free and amazing lol! Nanshy started off their brand with the notion and mission to enhance everybody’s natural beauty while avoiding the harm of animals; all while keeping them affordable and accessible to everyone!


I have been using and trialling their brushes for a good year now and being the makeup hoarder myself, I can confidently say that they are one of, if not the best makeup brush brand that I own, especially for the price point.


I started off with the 12-piece onyx colour brush set which is the set that I am going to go in greater detail about. I will talk about each brush with a mini review that will cover, quality, usability and design along with the brush set as a whole and the price point.


The overall look and design:


As far as looks go these brushes are a stunner with their sleek and defined look the black handle and silver farrell complement each other very well.


They are also very light weighted which can make them feel cheap however it is quite the opposite and the light weighted handle does make them easy to use especially for makeup artists who must blend until the cows come home.


The bristle themselves are synthetic yet, very soft and beautifully cut, making them face friendly and scratch free on the face.


When it comes to hard wearing; I have washed my brushed a fair few times because u am clean like that lol. They wash amazingly with no sight of ink bleeding or shedding.


The powder brush:

Nice, light and fluffy; this brush is so so soft, giving the most flawless blend and finish to the skin when mattifying your look.


The foundation brush:

The foundation brush; I always have a hard time with these because I don’t think they are that great in general, just my opinion however as a concealer brush… I am here for it!


The blush brush:

This brush is amazingly soft.. no really, I am feeling it as I write this lol but I really love this brush but however for me personally I use it for bronzer.


The contour brush:

Now this brush is so versatile. I use it for not only contour and bronzer but also blush. It’s the best because it is small enough to hug the cheek bone however big enough to blend out complexion powder products.

The stippling brush:

The stippling brush in general is not my favourite brush but again I like to use this brush for blush. 


The large shader brush:

This brush is great for what it was made for. But I do not just use it for eyeshadow, I also love using it for concealer when prepping the eye for shadow and I also used it to clean the brow.


The liner brush:

The liner brush; great for when you need to draw the line lol. It is nice and thin, flexible and stiff and stiff all at the same time. However just being honest it is not my most favourite brush from the collection and I prefer to use it for smokey, not so detailed lines.


The pencil brush:

On the other hand, this brush is great! I love the shape, cut, density and quality. It is best used for deepening the outer corner and smoking out the lower lash line 


The angled brush:

Likewise, to the liner brush the is not a holy grail brush for me personally. Reason being that it is not thin enough for me or stiff enough however again it can be used for other purposes such as drawing imperfect lines and lining the water line with shadow.


The blending brush:

I love the brush for more detailed blending. For example, due to its size, density and flexibility it is great for the second crease shade that is used to not only deepen and define the crease but also to bring life to your eye shape.


The crease brush:

This is a great crease brush. Fully enough to give a soft blown out affect however small enough to blend colour precisely in the crease.


The lip brush:

When it comes to lip brushes as a whole I am never a true fan of them however when I do need one for precise lip application I do love this one. It is small, dense, and stiff which is what you need for the best application for neat lips.


So as a whole these brushes are great! Good quality, vegan and best of all affordable. No colour bleeding no shedding.


Thank you for reading this post and if you are still here thank you so so much for read till the end and Congrats! Because I have a discount code just for you! Use code thelifebible_uk at the checkout to save even more money.


Satveer xoxo

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